Saturday 15 June

Caring for your glasses

Caring for your glasses

It's imperative to care for your glasses every now and then to keep them looking sharp and to prolong their lifespan. It's their job to take care of us, so why not show them some love?

Don't use your t-shirt!

Your lenses might need more than steamy breath and the edge of your t-shirt to remove a stubborn smudge. An extra cloth and a 100% natural cleaning spray are included in our cleaning kit to keep your glasses looking new.

How to clean your glasses -with our ultimate lens cleaner!

Here are a few essential tools you'll need before diving in:

Ready to go? It's time to clean

1. Make sure your hands are thoroughly washed and dried

2. Frames should be held by their nose bridges or temples, not their lenses

3. Make sure the lenses are clean by wiping them with a soapy cloth

4. Using gentle circular movements, clean the lenses from the outside to the inside

5. On the rest of the frames, repeat the circular movements very gently

6. Use another clean cloth to dry your specs

7. That's it!

Some BIG dont's

Bye-bye smudges, purchase the ultimate LMGK

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