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03 Our lenses and pricing

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03 Our lenses and pricing

Lens coatings and treatments that give you enhanced vision clarity.

The lenses we make are much more than simply curved pieces of plastic. There are many steps that go into creating the right pair of lenses for you, uniquely yours.

Lens & frame type

Prescription lenses play a big role in the cost of corrective lenses. The frames you choose can also affect your total. There may be an additional fee associated with special acetate frames, for example, if the lenses need to be thinner.

Lens protection

Each of our lenses is made from high-quality resin glass. You might have to pay more if you choose lens treatments/addons like blue light protection lenses or photochromic lenses.

What lens protection option is right for me?

A solid place to start is by finding the lens that best fits your prescription. In order to improve your overall comfort and quality of vision, search for lenses that are coated or treated. Depending on your unique needs, we offer a variety of lens customization options.

Other factors that can influence the total cost of your lenses include your vision type. For example, progressive vision types with bifocal/varifocal lenses would require an additional cost regardless of the power/strength of your prescription.

Single vision lenses are the most common type, with one prescription covering the whole surface of the lens. We also make varifocal lenses, which have multiple prescriptions on one lens.

But there's more...

You can mix these add-on to suit your unique needs. Here's what we mean; you can combine an anti-reflective add-on with a blue-light filtering addon all in one lens on one unique frame. cool right?!

We can't do it all (at least not yet)

we currently dint have the technology to allow you to choose what tint you'll like your photochromic lenses to be. But you can shop our non-prescription photochromic lenses with multiple tints here.

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